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As an accredited therapist, I provide both short term counselling and longer-term psychotherapy on a one to one basis (not couples) in a confidential and safe environment.

Psychotherapy and Counselling is a process which empowers us to explore issues in order to achieve greater awareness, insight, healing and growth. It provides the support and safety we need to explore and understand thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviours which cause us suffering and facilitates the safe space to work towards acceptance and often change. 

Counselling deals with issues in the present and addresses immediate concerns in our life which are causing us pain. Psychotherapy enables us to explore issues at a deeper level and reach a greater awareness, understanding and insight. With this awareness and insight comes the potential for acceptance, change and healing which allows us reach our potential and live fuller and richer lives. 

The therapeutic relationship is the corner stone for effective therapy and is based on mutual trust and respect. 
Call today to arrange an appointment. You will be met with understanding, respect and confidentiality.



IAHIP Accredited Member

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